Saturday, November 02, 2013

Render Simple

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Dress- H&M, Booties and Sunglasses - Elizabeth and James, Tights- Banana Republic, Necklace and Bunny Ears unknown.

Lace bunny ears and a spider necklace worn after trying on a few looks that next years Halloween will have my attention and effort. The focus was more on getting the house and the kids, well and Jim ready (he always beats me on costume attention and effort), which I actually enjoy. Also somehow we have become the "house" all of the kids want to visit. Jim has set it up so well that a few kids came with shaking voices while asking for candy and a few others telling us that our house was the house they couldn't wait to visit, best compliment ever!

All and all, this year was a bit emotional for me as I am watching my daughter grow so fast and with her finishing up her last year of elementary to enter middle school marks the end of school Halloween class parties and all of those details of being my sweet little baby girl to now growing into her own independent self more and more each day. Not to mention the second she turned 10 this year, I went from being a really cool Mom to, "Mom your such a dork" Mom, fabulous! That must mean I am really cool, right?

Hope your all having a wonderful weekend xo

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