Monday, November 17, 2008

Something you have never done.. Part 2

Photo: Alex Prager

So as the weekend started flying by, I was having a very hard time figuring what it is I could do that I have never done, and with only a day and a half to figure it out.. I was stumped, really. I started thinking wow, I have experienced a lot in my life actually and it forced a reflection of things I have tried, accomplished and left me with a, "I really do not know what to do" stuck in my mind. 
 I started thinking of a grand things, (not enough time) little things that I have not done, (not fun to share). . 
Why am I so stumped..hmm

So lets see, I have posed in my skivvies for a photo-shoot, had a baby, had surgery, fell in love, lost love, broke someone's heart, had my heart broken,  scuba dived, flown overseas, skied, snowboarded, died my hair the opposite color I was born with, been on a road trip, sang in a choir, flown in a 2 seater plane, pierced my belly button (ouch), ate a variety of foods, stayed up for two days straight without sleep, been camping, shot a rifle (hate guns), licked someone's eyeball, (I was 16) don't ask, partially shaved my head, etc etc, this could go on forever. 

So with all of that in mind I decided that I am going to go to the nutcracker this year as I have never been to the ballet. 

And while coming to this simple decision, finally, I also turned everything I own inside out this past few days. I have also decided to get rid of anything and everything that doesn't have either meaning or a need. I literally donated near 10 bags of stuff,
  Louis Vuitton trash bag?? lol.

and I am not done yet.  I try to keep my life simple and I am always donating or selling items that I don't use, but this was different as I have never just let go of so much at once. I will tell you what, it is freedom, it has cleared my mind and space for more important things.  Like journals of ideas of things I have never done and wish to experience, like a tattoo, an apartment overseas (flat), making music (already in the works), cooking classes, etc, etc. 

 One thing for sure I never want to experience is that of giving up, I will never try that. 



Marian said...

lots of food for thought,im a terrtible hoarder! im yet to see the nutcracker and would love to!the first image is amazing dear.

Rachel said...

Ok first of all I need to get me some of those garbage bags LOL
Secondly how true is your post. We all need to rid our lives of the clutter; if we haven't used it chances are we never will or need to. I am going to follow suit!

Rachel said...

Well maybe everything except my shoes!!!

Kim Caro said...

i think i accidently closed the window.... id love to hear your music. Glad you did all that you did :)

Catherine said...

Bravo! May we all live life so fully.

Jessie Cacciola said...

Never!? Oh, great idea Leigh! I'm planning on going to the one in Ithaca--it's a children's ballet at an old, historic theatre. :)

And, yes, clutter-be-gone! xo

Anonymous social worker said...

wow great experiences :s
love the nut cracker.
LV trashbags?! holy ****

Anonymous said...

Clutter is never a good thing. You have inspired me to clean out my closet this weekend. You'll love the nutcracker!


Anonymous said...

I agree. getting rid of clutter is rather therapeutic.
And yes LOL, LV trash bag!

Anonymous said...

Wow an LV trashbag!

I think letting go of unnecessary clutter is such a cathartic experience, I always look at everything I own and just want half of it gone. It takes up so much space - I think I'm going to do another spring clean this weekend!

I've never been to the ballet either, I've always really wanted to go.

Anonymous said...

this is a great post. getting rid of the excess is such a great thing to do! especially around this time of year.

the nutcracker!? how wonderful :D
i used to go every year with my father as a little girl. <33

Deb Oh said...

Those trash bags are certainly decadent. Love it.

p.s, you've been tagged :)

Dallas Shaw said...

I... go to the nutcracker every year. and ironically, as I am reading this am trying to schedule a day to see it . You will adore it- so inspiring, you'll see. See ya there!

Unknown said...

what a fabulous post! I can't believe I haven't been here in a week... but I gave you an award today because you're just so fabulous!!!

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes less is more. Great post - makes me think so much. Have a great weekend!

georgia b. said...

this very day, i have been contemplating doing what you did with all my stuff!

i told my husband, i wish there was just a big truck out on the street, and i could just put everything in it and have someone drive it away.

i have family coming for the holidays, and i had to set aside today to clean and get ready for it. i am overwhelmed, because if have too much stuff--and most of it is unnecessary! i wish i could do what you have done.

A girl said...

i wanna hv that LV trash bag!! so fancy

Feisty Crone said...

I collect so much crap, but you have given me the courage to donate also!
Grandpa sent me. Great blog.

Michael Horvath said...

GF and I are going on a cruise very soon. Neither one of us has been on one with a S/O and we hope to find a nice dark secluded corner of the ship one evening and . . . kiss.

Christina Entcheva said...

I agree with you - I love getting rid of things (donating them) and freeing up my life for new things.

I love this post linking feature - I am finding many cool posts of yours! :)

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