Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Photo: Audrey Trubnikov

I am going to take advantage of this extra hour tonight and try to catch up on those needed zzzz'z, Hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday weekend.

I ended up not dressing up this year, just took my daughter trick or treating (freaking out with so much candy in her bag) I never let her have that much candy so a few pieces here and there and the rest will magically disappear. With a few exceptions of mommy stealing some chocolate;) Trust me if you knew my child and her energy the last thing she needs is extra sugar LOL.
I actually passed out early after catching up to True Blood, so I am off to two nights of sleep before 2:00 am LOL, Sweet Dreams.

True Bloods theme song from Jace Everett, its growing on me.


Lo said...

We so want to get into True Blood, but haven't taken the time yet. Thank god of on demand...whoa that sounded like a commercial.

Anonymous social worker said...

ture blood huh, so sad i don't get hbo :(

Lovebird said...

I love the picture in this post. I hope you got some zzzzzzzz's.

Rachel said...

How can they possibly consume so 3 y/o woke up Saturday wanting candy for breakfast...too funny!

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