Friday, January 23, 2009

Fresh fish

Thank you all for the wonderful tags, I have 4 thank you;
Valerie being-red
Oleander sooo-this-is-life
Hula hulassecrets

So I decided I will combine and give 10 random facts about moi, and give a random photo that I have never posted from Bambola's tag, girl with the big brown eyes with the story behind it.

1. When I was in 4th grade, I had Mononucleosis (the kissing disease) ...Why is it they call it that anyway?? But every time I am extremely exhausted I start to wonder If I have that again, (even though I am running off of 4 hours of sleep).

2. I could beat myself up and win, I am so hard on myself to get things done sometimes as far as work and daily chores I rarely let myself relax, and if I do I sure will make myself feel guilty for it. :) But I have a passion for putting things in its place. I love organizing, I love to clean my surroundings and make it all pretty, it relaxes me.
Note to self: Get out more..

3. I have never ever had a speeding ticket or any sort of traffic violation (knock on wood). I have been pulled over plenty but have had a nice streak of luck. (it better not break now that I am talking about it) also a bit superstitious.
But the best thing I got off of was when I was 16 and I was pulled over for running a red light, having a light out in the back and front, not wearing my glasses ( I had a restriction at the time), having to many passengers in my vehicle (7 of us in a little Honda civic) I was past curfew, and speeding on top of that.
He was not a happy cop, he actually made me go sit in his car and as he was checking out my license, he asked me how long I have had my nose pierced for?? " Its a mole sir". He was embarrassed and let me go with a warning.

4. I want to move to Europe.. Period!

5. Every month I tell my body to just keep those boobs that come right before your monthly hell, those are the ones that make me happy..

6. I am obsessed with information. I want to know more, more and more, and when you quiz me on what I have learned, I will get nervous and loose it until you walk away. Must come from being an extremely shy child.

7. I am more open with strangers than I am with the ones I care about, I have a great wall that surrounds me, I am not even sure of how to break it down. which takes me to #8.

8. I would love therapy!! Talking about myself with no guilt, or fear of judgement, telling all of my secrets. Sign me up.

9. This song has always given me chills since I was little.

10. I become addicted to certain meals, which I will eat over and over again until I hate it for awhile. Example, 5 times this week I have eaten the same salad, (cucumbers, mushrooms, yellow tomato, glazed walnuts and vinaigrette)  and I want another one :p

Here I was messing around after a photoshoot where we were using fish necklaces ( they were real and dead) with a model. I decided last minute to pop the fish in my mouth. I look retarded and cannot believe how still I was as the fish's tail was way down my throat.
Photo: Tim Morehead


Unknown said...

lol ...I thought it was real at first. ....I'm not sure why it surprises me but this could be my list ...well, except for 1 and 3 :)

Unknown said...

OMG it was REAL?!?!?!?!?

{also, there's definitely a "deep throat" joke in there somewhere} please don't change it though. ;)

Unknown said...

I love that I am laughing instead of sleeping as I should be :)) I totally thought of that as I was typing as well. ..LOL..

Lilly said...

Loved the photo - as long as I dont think about it being a real fish - I love sardines so whats the difference really.

Well I am like you on a fair few of those facts. I want to live in Italy for a couple of years. I do the same with food. Its all or nothing. No 2 same, No 3, same, even down to lying to policemen, No 7 the same, No 8 done it and its interesting to get a better undertanding of self BUT sometimes creative types are like this, dont fret and that salad sounds delicious. Peter Gabrielle - a classic. Great post.

Ms Unreliable said...

#4...I'll go with you!

Anonymous said...

Great picture.

I lived in Europe when I was a kid and I miss it sometimes... I miss the culture...

Same here, never had a ticket, always got away with a warning :-) (knock on wood)

The Panic Room said...

good luck on #4 I hope you make it.

Lo said...

That's a funny great picture! Can I please have your work ethic?

Baybay Mama said...

Thanks for sharing. I would love therapy too! Hahahah kidding but not. I think everyone could use some sort of therapy. That is amazing that you have never had a speeding ticket or traffic accident. I am super impressed. I don't even drive in NYC and still I sometimes manage to F#@$ up when I get behind the wheel.

drollgirl said...

i love this post! you are fab. this made me smile.

p.s. i could not imagine going to a therapist EVER as i would feel too vulnerable and exposed (and possibly their most boring patient EVER). you must be stronger than me!

Char said...

whoa - that shot is something else. you are a better woman than me! :)

great sharing - thank you.

Feisty Crone said...

I hope you make it to Europe!

TMFA said...

WOW!! stunning photograph. I am glad you experience my blog as a journey :D Yours is just so inspiring, I love it, the art, the text, the sharing. Keep it coming and don't swallow that fish/frog...

Seeker said...

Thanks for sharing all of this, it's nice to know more about you.

And that picture OMG it's interesting and yet scary....

Have a nice weekend


Unknown said...

we are very similar...
I've been tagged's going around lately! I have to get around posting my random things.
I read your comment about my Paris image. Let's discuss. I will email you.

judÄ— said...

Excellent fact - I love learning about people and your little "tagged" factoids were great. I tagged you, too, by the way, just a little while ago. I've just posted mine on my blog.

Can I also tell you that your work is extraordinary..


Good Girl Gone Blog said...

Great post! And the pre-hell boobies are the bestest!

Liv Bambola said...

Yay! What a fantastic photo! Thanks for posting it!

LOVE the ten points too...esp #10. So honest =)

Some days I'd love to be able to get inside my head... others I'm not sure I'd like what I'd see =P

=) Bambola x

yiqin; said...

I want to move to another country too! But sometimes I think I will be so scared:/

Anonymous said...

Great photo (even though it makes me go "brrrr!").

Weird to say "me too!" after so many of your facts, though I had mono at 21. NO FUN. I highly recommend #9 to anyone (though ironically, I think the people who need therapy most are usually the people who'd never be open to it!) — it can be life-changing.

Thanks for sharing!

Catherine said...

sweet lord. you keep getting cooler.

Valerie Rojas Braverman said...

haha that cop story is classic. i do not have that kind of luck...especially with the po-po.

Christina Entcheva said...

Haha, you are great - i love this!

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