Sunday, February 15, 2009

Twin Peaks

Curl up on the couch tonight and rent Twin Peaks if you have not already, or watch the episodes again :)


judė said...

yes! I've rented them and enjoyed them like I did when they were on tv as a series! No WONDER my photos are a bit melancholy and macabre! lol


p.s. ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

Oh Twin Peaks... it's been a while, hasn't it?
You know, Leigh, it sounds like a great idea :-)

I love that aaronbrothers poster by the way :-)

drollgirl said...

fab series. i watched them all back to back about a year ago. for some reason i missed the boat when the series first aired. it was cool tho to watch the dvds.

E.K. said...

I think my wife and I have some sort of seasonal disorder where we have to watch Twin Peaks from beginning to end and it's about that time again! This is why we bought the box set about 10 years ago. It's wearing down.

Maggie May said...

LOVE twin peaks
and your new profile picture is gorgeous!

Lili said...

Twin Peaks... what a great show!

I love your artwork.

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

i never watched this show. i remember it being on...i dont think we were allowed. maybe i should watch it and call mom saying i am watching it.


hi! just wanted to mention that I’m posting the ‘ugliest fashion finds’ on absolutely not martha next week and I‘d LOVE to feature your find. email it to jackie at vanillaspoons dot com. credit and link to your blog, of course!

E.K. said...

I tagged you on my blog, it should be fun!

Unknown said...

RE: Leah- Yes definitely watch it!!

RE: Absolutely Not Martha- That will be a fun challenge . I will get something to you.

RE: E.K. -Thank you for the tag, What a fun one, I will definitely get that up soon.


Flor Larios Art said...

I wish I had the time :(
But enjoy!
Love your art!

ps. Come to my blog I am having an art box giveaway...See you there!

Mustafa Şenalp said...

Çok güzel site.:)

Anonymous said...

oh, man. I really need to finish watching that show... (and a million other shows that I've started and not kept up with.)

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