Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Modern Apartment Style

I am having a guest writer for this post from All Modern. You can also visit their blog here, Modern Design Blog. Fantastic modern ideas and inspiration for your home. I have a few things already on my wish list for sure. :) And this apartment below is so fantastic. Enjoy!

Apartment-Sized Modern Living

You can't help but be inspired every time you page through an issue of Dwell or Domino (*TEAR). Each issue is filled with such beautiful designs, each showcasing little pops of color and shiny chrome accents. Modern furniture with its clean lines, sleek contours and beautiful colors, really is the stuff that dreams are made of. When decorating a small apartment, it's so easy to forget how little space you have to work with. Here are some chic tips on decorating your small space in a modern way.

Chances are if you are living in a small apartment, you're not going to have both a dining room and a kitchen. Dining rooms are considered the heart of the home - a gathering space for family and friends. Without a dining room, the kitchen becomes the center. Lighting is key. A single pendant over the kitchen table is classic modern. Something simple in white or black. If you don't have a kitchen table, then a 3-light pendant over your kitchen bar or island, paired up with a couple of Bertoia or Bombo stools is a perfect alternative. If you have room, a small Saarinen Table with a white laminate is a beautiful addition.

Living Room
Your living room must be calming and relaxing. Keep your space clutter free with just buying the essentials. A comfy, stylish sofa. Shaped like a pair of red lips, Heller's Kiss Sofa is a cartoonish good time, but if you're more traditional-minded, perhaps opt for a simple Gus Modern or Blu Dot sofa instead. Add a coffee table - either a Knoll Laccio table in white laminate or black laminate or something with a glass top. Now add a simple media center and a complementary rug and you're all set.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Tranquil, peaceful - you're going to be spending a lot of time in here so it's got to be absolutely perfect. To help you achieve a modern and sophisticated look, a platform bed in a dark wood finish is your surest bet. To simplify things, purchase a matching bedroom set where all of your pieces are designed to complement one another. Finish off your bedroom with some premium Dwell bedding and a couple of colorful area rugs and maybe a White leather Barcelona chair in the corner for a nice reading space.
Just because you have fewer square feet to work with, doesn't mean that every inch can't be absolutely stylish.


L. said...

modern homes always look so neat and perfect:)

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

simple design lines always appeal to me. i love the to the floor windows in that one photo!

E.K. said...

Do you work for All Modern? Man, hit me up for info. I got Mid-century down.

Ms Unreliable said...

Oh I LOVE that coffee table, especially with the little planter. I'm too messy for the minimalist look though, and living with a messy musician just makes matters worse!

Kasey said...

not the biggest modern fan, but i do love the style.

Kmpfurniture said...

I do love the Modern style, specialy Moden Sofas, Modern Bedroom Furniture, Modern Living and Dining room Furniture

Anonymous said...

I love clutter-free spaces although I love work/art-related clutter.
A great post, really.
My first condo (when I was 18) was very small and I loved it. I am glad I no longer have to live in a small space though LOL.

Unknown said...

I love that Sofa by Gus Modern. I found it here. http://www.bobbyberkhome.com/product/sofas/18434/james-lounge.html

Seeker said...

Very interesting!!!


condo Philippines said...

I love the rooms you posted. They are so beautiful. The colors are so calming.

Paula M

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