Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PD 2 "Untitled"

© Leigh 2010


Charlotte Gainsbourg AF607105

I am missing a recipe today so I promise to make it up later as I had to finish this illustration and a peanut butter and jelly sounded the best tonight :p

So here is the 2nd and final illustration that is part of that project that soon will be known. I am going to sleep on the titles for tonight or maybe just call them what I titled the posts, hmmm. Serioulsy I think titling work sometimes is the hardest part of creation. LOL..


Unknown said...

ooh I'm loving the colours in this!

Laura said...

Big fan!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Wow wow wow. You are incredible and I'm so honored to see it first! Titles are so difficult. When creating a work I have to think about how it will look on a program, flyers, press releases... sigh. It just needs to be everything and original at the same time.

Elizabeth Marie said...

That is gorgeous!!!!! I am in love...and it makes me want to dry but in a good way.

Sarah Watts said...

Ooh ooh! I know what these are for! I am doing some too:) These are so beautiful! Do you know when they are unveiling?

-Sarah :)

Unknown said...

Hello Sarah, yes I know you are also doing it too :) I am so excited to see yours.. I am not sure when it will be reviled as of yet though?? Cannot wait!

Thank you everyone for all the sweet comments, always appreciated!


Unknown said...

I really, really, really can't wait to hear what the big news is! :) xx

Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

This is amazing! So beautiful! You never cease to amaze and inspire me. Your work is so often beyond words, just incredible!

Keep creating and making the world more beautiful!

Unknown said...

wow. this is just so gorgeous. I love how most looks like a drawing but the eyes look so real. The contrast is stunning!

{I can't stop thinking about those clog mules too!!! I still look for them at least once a week. They are the best! A girl told me they're Miu Miu but I looked through the collection and didn't see them. If and when I find them, I will for sure let you know! :)}

Sugar Muffin said...

Yep, this is another gorgeous print! Love it, very simple and great choice of colours!

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