Saturday, April 17, 2010

SP10 A #2 Through The Viewfinder

I have been taking a few TTV's this past few days, which includes this self portrait at top (A challenge to say the least) I had to build quite the balancing contraption to do so, but glad I gave it a try. I will share more with you later this week.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, I am off to get my hair done, (finally) and update my hairdresser on my life for the past 6 months that I have been absent from her chair..


Tiffany Kadani said...

That portrait is amazing. You are so beautiful. I am anxious to see more!

Anonymous said...

beautiful work!
I love the darkness and saturated beauty. You rock as usual. If only I were 1/10th as talented :)

Have a great time at the hairdressers! I was just there on wednesday. It's amazing what change on the outside does to create change on the inside. It's spiritual :)

Sarah B said...

Great shots, I'd like to see more :)
The trees are so moody!

avant garde design said...

love these! super soft, super sexy. you're photos definitely have a mood. have fun getting your hair done, oh how i love that too!!!

Sans titre said...

Beautiful pctrs and atmospherea
I LIke !!
La Bise

Karena said...

very excited to see more.....Fabulous images!!

Art by Karena

Oh, another interview is up!

Anonymous said...

Good Evening! I recently stumbled upon your blog, what a wonderful discovery. I have started a new phase in my virtual chronicle and would love your support and musings. I can be located at, this is a new journey and a wonderful time in my life to explore. Please join me, I love your vision and world view.

taryn said...

Gorgeous pictures!

~taryn xx

Stephanie said...

The colors in the 3rd picture are amazing. I would like to hang this on my wall!

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