Sunday, May 02, 2010

Illustrated Polaroid


The final result of what I was working on, not quite the direction that I started out as inspiration from the previous post. I was just not happy with where it was going so I took it from one thing to another. I think I might actually do a series of fashion/street illustrative Polaroid's ? In this piece I used the adorable Jessica Stam and a touch of the pattern from Diane Von Furstenberg's Bonnie Pinup.

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. I am beyond excited for this week ahead as my sister who I have not seen in almost 6 years (beyond to long) will be here this week to stay with me.. xo yay!! See you tomorrow for Music Monday..


Faye Tiffany said...

It looks gorgeous :)

I can't beleive you haven't seen your sister in 6 years!! I can't imagaine not seeing mine for that long, I hope you have a good time :)

beautifully damned said...

i wish you could wear hairbows like that on the street without being starred at!

love your blog by the way, your illustrations are brilliant - i'd love to see more!


Turbo said...

I dig it.

Agnes said...


Have fun with your sister Leigh.

Dancing Branflake said...

Six years? That is way too long.

I love the idea of polaroids. Great idea.


That is a strong piece!

I think you should offer up a collection of Polaroid style...deck of cards! fortune cards!!

Flora Marie said...

This is beautiful! Your work is fantastic, I love both your inspirations and creations, definitely a memorable blog (: Congrats!
And thank you very much for your comment!
Keep posting, I'll be looking :D

- Flora Marie

taryn said...

It's great to have the courage to let a piece go to where it wants to go.
Have a wonderful visit with your sis!

~taryn xx

Constance said...

This is so so beautiful! Great work xxx

R.P. said...

love the Polaroid, nice work and great blog.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Another brilliant piece from a brilliant and talented artist. I love the pop of color you added. Beautiful indeed.

I'm so glad you and your sister are getting together. I'm sure you'll enjoy each other.

Have a great week, my dear.

Stephanie said...

I just love your polaroid design. So unique and beautiful. So glad you visited my blog as I now can visit yours! Also, I am loving your Etsy shop!

garakami said...

That's the thing about art. You never know what you get until it's done.

This reminds me that I MUST do an art post. I have a crapload of things to put down. Love your artwork. Will definitely support.

rachel! said...

that polaroid is perfect. i love the feel and attitude. :) mmm, i love your style and your bloggin' style. keepin' it fressshhhh. with good music, too!

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