Wednesday, June 23, 2010

As I lay near a shaded tree

Came across this beautiful Kaften from Absolutely Lady Like and now really want to spend a summer day lounging in it all day. Just lovely.

Been taking advantage of these past few official days of summer and wondering around the city, actually found a few new boutiques to browse and shop a little and just taking in some good inspiration the day brings. Also my daughter who is 7 loves to bring along her camera when we head out anywhere, (her hello kitty camera) has some cool effects actually, thought I would share a few. Adore her perception and how a 7 year old looks at the world in general xoxo


Unknown said...

I wish my cam had those effects - the wavy buildings are pretty rad.


Radostina // said...

so pretty pictures here. thank you.


Fashionistable said...

I see your daughter has inherited her mothers eye. Brilliant shots. Love the kaftan. I could see myself lounging around in this too. Xxx

Tiffany Kadani said...

Your daughter is already way cooler than me. Wow, very interesting. And the fact that it's a Hello Kitty camera makes it ten times cooler.

And I love Kaftans. The colors alone are amazing.

avant garde design said...

so amazing she is with her camera! wow! i love the image with the billboard of the opera singers, that one is fabulous :) also, ah, i'm loving that Kaften and am off to check out the site you mentioned. one could literally just live in that dress!

Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

Wow! Like Mother, like Daughter! She is amazing with that camera. You're right, her perception is full of wonderment, purity, and innocence. Why does everything have to be straight up and down and boring. How lovely is the fading blue coloring on the fence.

She's brilliant. Have a wonderful day and post more pics, please!


very cool ;)

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