Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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Inspired by Model Karlie Kloss in British Vogue, love love this pose and pout. Changed it up just a tad and was inspired to dress her in an adorable dress from Louis Vuitton's Resort collection seen here #12

Hope you like and hope your week is going well :) xo


Unknown said...

oh! this oneis realy cute...she seems so angry!:) and this heart! love it!

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

Oh I just love this illustration, I could picture it in my room...♥

*following you flower*

Eda ♥

Jonna said...

Awesome illustration! I love how you combined those cute pastel colours and angry expression on her face! x

Alixanne said...

Ahh I love Karlie Kloss, this picture is beautiful :)

Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

This is astounding! Just plain adorable. I love it. Her face is so pretty and cute, it's priceless and I love the dress. I just admire your talent so much, the way you interpret your inspiration is fabulous!

I hope your week is going well too. I just posted a new work on POSITIVELY LOVELY! I would love to know what you think.

Have a great one, my dear!

Unknown said...

hehe im loving the angry pout on this one!

hey hopefully you've voted if you haven't please do! and vote for your fave (hehe fingers crossed that it's fvncy) pass it on!


Fashionistable said...

Because of the heart dripping she seems sad to me. Isnt it great how we all see differently. Another beautiful illustration what ever way you look at it. Xxxx

Veronika said...

This is such a great illustration, I love her mood.

ediot said...

ah. youre so talented its brilliant. im amazed.
wish this was up on my wall!!
keep up the good work darling. youre so fantastic!!

xx ediot

Laura said...

love the colors

Leslee said...

Re: Glad the photos on my post inpsired you... You're art is beyond inspirational and i'm always looking forward to the music posts.

Dena said...

You are so talented, just found your blog and I'm amazed. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Dena xoxo

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