Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"Lune 2"

© Leigh 2010

Hello everyone, here is the 2nd illustration of Ataui Deng that I told you about. Adore the pose in this one. They are hopefully going to be used in a fantastic project that I will let you know as I do. Hope your day is going well xo



Sarah B said...

Lovely composition and soft colours. I like!


Good girl, well done.


A said...

So beautiful Leigh.

Unknown said...

just beautiful!
i am going to look through your portfolio to see if i can put together a post about your work...you're so talented!
xox alison

Neon Whispers said...

stunning illustration

Cait said...

Just as wonderful as the first! I really like the spot of yellow on her cheek.

A Flourishing Perspective said...

This is super cool! I love the artistic ability used.

The first one you posted was fantastic as well!

Check out and follow my blog if you will. :) Following yours, super cute!

With love,

Rachel xx

Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

Your work takes my breath away!

Unknown said...

love the pose & dress


Steph Granshaw said...

wonderful! x

Nadege said...

this shade of blush is lovely.
like the expression you've
captured in her eyes.

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