Saturday, August 21, 2010


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Depeche Mode - World in My Eyes

Happy weekend everyone! What are you up too? I am thinking of heading out for a little tonight, hopefully, it never fails when getting back from a trip that I get antsy and decide that I cannot fully dive into normal schedule just yet. Was getting used to the spontaneity while away. Also miss the beach so much! I appreciate the vast mountains I have here in Colorado, but honestly, I am not really a mountain girl, I have tried trust me to hike, ski, snowboard, but would rather take a walk near the lake or ocean.. Maybe it was my first kiss in La Jolla on a boat that did it for me when I was young.



Nedda Ebo said...

Love Depeche Mode.

Mustart x

Grace said...

Then you better get yourself to the coast!

Love Grace.

marni zarr said...

i second that comment on depeche mode!!! i too lived in colorado for a bit. i know exactly what you mean :)

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