Wednesday, December 01, 2010

"Tempus Tide"

© Leigh Viner 2010


The National- A Little Faith

New work, new month, and the busiest time of year ( for all of us really) . I am determined though not to wait until two days before Christmas to finish my shopping. What about you, have you started your shopping yet? And what are your tricks on keeping everything balanced this time of year (do share) I feel like I am fighting the clock these days. ;)

Art based on a photograph by Steven Meisel from Vogue's September 2010 issue.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, everytime I see your works I'm thinking how great it would be to have some of them in my office. Interesting, for inspiration. Love xoxo ~

Unknown said...

I'm starting to sound like a broken record here but your new print is stunning. As for Christmas, I haven't started and no real tips to share...just lots of internet shopping for this girl-easiest way to do it for me. I'll be doing some gift guides that may help in the next few weeks:) Also wanted to tell you that I just dropped off my cricket to the framers- can't wait for it to come back- will send pictures of it up on the wall once it is done. I framed the other two myself and am in love with them- not sure where to hang them yet but will will post on my blog as soon as they are up. Thanks again and happy holidays!! xo

Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh, I am lagging on the shopping big time! I haven't even made a list yet. It is so bad I really fear the mall right now. Mostly because I just want to shop for myself but know I can't. Sigh.

gia said...

Etsy!! Just send all your girlfriends different handmade necklaces or earrings. I am loving it. Aaaand I just send straight to their house (for birthdays so far)... super fun and easy.

Love at First Blush said...

I am loving your new work! Everything about the soft pastels and the composition speaks to me.


Anonymous said...

well, sitting sick this weekend at home...but hope to still get some shopping done..xoxo

very beautiful whimsical music!

Anonymous said...

i started mini-shopping mid november, i've made it a point the last two years to not do it all at once in december; i get stressed, and my checking account doesn't get too happy either ;)

good ideas for balancing everything:
- make a few lists, who gets gifts, who gets cookies + card, and who gets just a card. (whoever is on the naughty list need not be thought about)
- have a hot chocolate when you're feeling stressed and grab a warm blanket. the holidays should be enjoyed, not dreaded.
- to extend time work in intervals. pausing every hour and a half or so to get up and stretch will help with blood circulation (keep you warmer in frozen weather!) - and keep you from getting bored. refreshers are good and keep artwork so much more inspired!

you seem like you're always determined, on the go, and getting things done, so you must be doing something right! miss you and i hope you'll have the most wonderful holidays ever <3

Gabriella Rose said...

Please take a look at my blog if you ever get the chance. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks so much :)

Meera said...

Beautiful drawing! Love it.
Please check out/follow my blog-love yours!


monster cakes said...

You're work seriously takes my breath away. And to keep calm during this month, I schedule at least 5 minutes a day where I sit with some tea or hot coco and do nothing but breath and relax my racing mind. It helps immensely, and I can usually always spare at least 5 minutes. Good luck!

Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

I just can't get over how beautiful your work is. This is yet another fabulous piece by a magnificent artist.


Samantha said...

Lovely! Great art! Is it acrylic and ink?


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