Sunday, July 03, 2011

Happy Independence

Oracle Fox

Balmain Style

Gucci via Happytoast

Recipe Call me Cupcake

Chic Muse

Painting my nails blue for the holiday

A little red, white and blue,stars and stripes for the 4th of July weekend here in the states.
Have a safe holiday! xo


debra@dustjacket said...

Oh I love that blue nail polish!

Veronika said...

Happy 4th July, love the nail polish :)

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

And a happy independence day to you, too :)

I just discovered your paintings, they are absolutely AMAZING!

Andy said...

I like to design clothes that look cool wearing

Mighty Burns said...

I just found out this morning listening to the radio that it is actually illegal to wear, or eat off of anything with the American Flag on it.. nuts right

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