Thursday, July 28, 2011

New West

© Leigh Viner 2011



Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

Hello Everyone, a little colored nature for you today, I edited the mountain photo last night from my recent trip up the hills to Breckenridge Colorado and ended up stumbling upon the Galaxy fields post from Amanda Brohman this morning and thought how well it complimented the colors I added to my photo. I have added the top photo to my Etsy shop for you to enjoy as well..

Happy almost weekend! xo

*Middle Photo via Amanda Brohman


Tiffany Kadani said...

You took that photo? Wow! So talented in so many ways.

S. said...

LOVE that mountain photo, the colours are fantastic!

offset printing said...

Oh hey. Your photos are great and vintage-y. I hope to see more of your photos in Breckenridge. Happy almost weekend too.

Cecille said...

gorgeous photo! and i love the song too

Mighty Burns said...

thats so pretty! I miss my photo editor :/

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