Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gatsby and Cinereal

© Leigh Viner


2 new pieces for you today.. I was debating back and forth on making them both black and white, but when I start to over think it, it is best to leave alone I think. Thank you @_megcassidy and @lovelaughshop for your thoughts on it as well before I posted!.

Hope your all having a wonderful Tuesday, see you tomorrow xo



Sultry is my new word for you and all you do.


Tiffany Kadani said...

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. I mean, if I could choose face I would choose the one up top. Seriously perfect.

Rachel {little bits of lovely} said...

These are just incredible Leigh! I especially love the first one; now on my wishlist xx

Floortje said...

really beautiful!


Santi said...

beautiful illustrations :)


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

both pieces are just gorgeous!! xoxo jillian:: enter to win a knit cowl!

Meg said...

you are such a doll! it's perfect.

Kathrine said...

wow, this illustrations are really stunning!First one is my favorite!

Unknown said...

I like the color in the first one. Not sure it would have the same impact in just b&w. jmo though :)

Love the ink around the eyes too!

Aylin at Lila Moonlight said...

Ciao Leigh, I continue to check your posts on bloglovin although I can't comment much lately. About this post, I love the first image especially. I got your etsy package only few days ago ( I was in Istanbul so I opened it only today when I came back home in Florence ). I was getting worried for the big delay but I think due to August holiday time in Italy, things got slower here. Anyway, thank you very much for the lovely photography and your note on it. Much appreciated. I am so looking forward to framing and placing where they belong and then I will share with you the pix : ) Till soon, Aylin

angelieeee said...

great work!!!!1 love it!!!♥
xxxo from Argentina

you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee

Mighty Burns said...

these are so beautiful. Id love the get that bottom one for over my vanity.. that is.. when I have a vanity ;)

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