Monday, September 26, 2011

"Quit Pleasing Others"!

The most unhappy people I know in this world, are those who care the most about what other people think.

When we spend our time trying to please others, we lose time that could be spent living.

Time being present in the moment.

Time creating memories.

Time laughing.

Time loving.

When we fixate on other people’s opinions of us, we become their prisoners.

Don’t give people more power than they deserve.

And don’t forget your own power.

The power to find love and acceptance from within.

The power of internal validation.

It’s always available to you.

And it’s a strength that can never be taken away.

Hold onto it.

Cultivate it.

Take back your power.

Break free from the chains of outside opinions.

Live your life according to your standards.

Find what makes you happy, and do it.

No matter what anyone says.

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Unknown said...

Amen! i used to be a big people pleaser . . . and now am working on juts making me and my hubby happy. It's tiring doing it all for others, but rewarding helping yourself be happy:-)

Great post!

polliani said...


Mighty Burns said...

i love this. I some times still try and people please. but I are much better at it now.

J. Luxe Boutique said...

Love this...just what I needed to read today!

Unknown said...

I am a half recovering people pleaser ;) I definitely have my moments and when I do I realize more then ever the effects it has on me and everyone else in a negative way.

Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh my goodness. I really needed this. It's always an internal struggle I have. For some reason pleasing people is my number one goal. I hate it is a hard habit to break. Life wasted trying to please others is sad indeed.

marni zarr said...

as i've gotten older i've become so much better at not letting what other people think (or what i perceive they think) dictate what i do and say. my life is so much happier. it's not always easy at the moment but when i stay true to myself things always seem to work out and i'm happy, not miserable or regretful about my decisions! thanks for this great post. xo

Cindy said...

Great post!!

Cindy said...

Great post!!

Phil said...

Thanks for this! Some great reminders here -- time being present, don't forget your own power. But also, watch out for the chains of inside opinions. Some of us have trouble with that, and this post is great to help counter that as well.

Ahka Vintage said...

Hear hear! If you spend too much time thinking what other people think of you, you lose sight on who you are and what you stand for! great post!
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

A said...

Thanks for this Leigh :-)

jessica // union shore said...

LOVE that print! such a great reminder!

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