Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leaf Accumulation

Sweater- Textile Elizabeth and James, Shirt- Jack, Jeans- Earnest Sewn, Belt- Vintage, Shoes - Michael Kors, Sunglasses - Spitfire.

Driving around today in love with the colors of Fall, so gorgeous and need to take a day trip to the mountains before the first snow takes away all of the color and leaves a blank canvas for winter. But so happy to finally pull out this amazing sweater from Textile Elizabeth and James In love with the textures and just enough holes to keep from feeling bulky.

I also want to mention my good feel news of the day, my Cricket print made it's TV debut this morning in Canada on CityLine.

Photo Leigh Anne Allaire

A big thank you to Christine from Bijou and Boheme for helping make that possible and to Leigh Ann Allaire for the segment feature.
You can catch the episode here.


marni zarr said...

the print looks amazing! congratulations! love the colors and texture on that set.
fall looks so pretty, i'm a bit jealous :)

Mighty Burns said...

the colors in these fall pictures are so beautiful! Congrates on the picture!

nicole said...

such a good fall look, i love the cuffed jeans... i've been doing it so much lately... i posted some cuffed jeans on my blog today too ;)


Emily | Recently said...

Look at those golden leaves! Ours are still green, so I'm jealous. Your print looks amazing in that room. Amazing in general, but very impressive in the room. Congrats!

Mon said...


First of all thanks for your comment and for letting me do a post about your beautiful work, I leave my little post, made with love: http://mywhitenotebook.blogspot.com/2011/10/leigh-viner.html

Congratulations and good luck!

Your Mexican friend

BTW That sweater is beautiful.

Miss B. said...

Congrats on your print! It makes the room look so much more glamorous, you are such a talent!

Mia said...

This looks amazing! very beautiful!

Maria Silvia F said...

really beautiful, I love leaves as much as I love autumn :)


Kristin H said...

Congratulations on the TV debut, how cool:)
Also that sweater is to die for!! Love it!

Hills B said...

I work at that sculpture garden in these pictures! We also have a museum inside (around the corner in one of the office buildings) The MADDEN Museum of Art. You'll have to come back!

Anonymous said...

Oh, congratulations! It looks so pretty in this set. Love everything!

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