Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time to Renew // An Instagram DIY

Flipping through my Instagram feed a few weeks ago I found the perfect motivation to fix and make pretty again one of my favorite bags, my beloved Balenciaga.

She is beat up, worn out and has been through many of life's events with me.. but I will not part and I know I surely cannot replace at this point so happily I found the perfect answer, to dye it new again thanks to Liz Vranesh.

Here is what she did with her vintage Chloe, love!

1. Old third hand Chloe bag

2. Remove extra pieces and unhinge/unzip everything else

3. Use a cleaning brush and laundry detergent under the sink to scrub leather (especially waterproofed) under water, rinse

4.Soak leather in due bath, turn every few minutes for even color

5. Rinse well and air dry, ta-da!!

*Thank you Liz!

Now to decide what color for my bag??


Tiffany Kadani said...

Wow! She is one gutsy woman! I love people who can DIY. I am not a crafty person. Even in Kindergarten crafts made me uncomfortable. But I like hearing about people doing it. Very inspiring!

A said...

My goodness Leigh, I love it. What a brilliant idea!

martinealison said...

Bonne journée à vous...

we hug and kiss said...

Wow it seems that we can give second lives to our bags. Good motivation to fix some of my sweethearts.

Btw amazing blog, very inspiring, I love it.

JoyfullJuneBug said...

How long did it take the dye to set?

JoyfullJuneBug said...

Just noticed the box says Teal but the purse looks purple in the photos. I ask because on Amazon color mishaps are the most common complaint on Rit dyes. Also did you only use the one box of dye?

Leigh Viner said...

The photos are from a friend that dyed her bag from instagram so I do not know the final color or how long it took the dye to set, but I did end up sticking with white on my Balenciaga after a long debate. I have another bag that I still want to give it a try, but I do know Liz was very happy with the results. I will ask her if she used one box as well.

Let me know as well if you give it a go and how it works out.


JoyfullJuneBug said...

Thanks for the reply! Hope Liz answers soon. I'll let you know if it comes out well when I do my own bags or let you know it's likely BS if it they don't. (Just wish I knew how many packs of dye she used) In any case I'll start with one pack.

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