Monday, January 02, 2012


Happy 2012 everyone!

The adventures, life, work and memories for 2012 now begin. I hope you all enjoyed your Holidays and celebrations with your loved ones. I unfortualtely lost a dear friend who lost his battle with diabeties on New Years Eve and only at the young age of 38. It really took my focus on things to a new angle and had me look my goals a lot differently, (of course). And from that I found this wonderful Manifesto for 2012 from Fat Mum Slim and a new challange for the year of taking a photo a day, that I will be sharing with my instagram beginning with these two photos that will help mark the little things this New Year, which I find are the bigger things when you look back.
Thank you to Bec Winnel for intoducing me to Fat Mum Slim's blog and this fun challage. Photography marks memories in such a distinctive way and in Memory of Dustin Crain who was a photographer himself, I am ready to take on this challenge each of this 365 days to follow. RIP my dear old friend.

*****Thank you for all making 2011 amazing and for your continued support, I appreciate you more then words can express****** With love xo


TheBeautyFile said...

I'm doing the photo a day, too!!! So excited! Happy New Year, Leigh!!

Unknown said...

I cannot wait to see yours!! Happy New Year xo

Tiffany Kadani said...

I'm so sad about your friend. What a tragedy. Death is always sobering, isn't it?

Can't wait to follow along with your photo a day. You have such a beautiful eye for photos.

Unknown said...

Thank you Tiffany!! And yes Death is never easy, unfortuately I have lost to many close ones at to young an age, it is something that reminds me that life cannot be taken for granted and I wish to grasp each day as a blessing. I have learned something different from each special person that I have lost to take with me on on my path. I am ready to capture the wonderful simplicities that each moment brings me today, tomorrow and beyond..

:) I hope you guys had a wonderful day xo

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