Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge

Hello February!! Time for another month of Instagram photos to mark each day. I had so much fun with Fat Mum Slim's January Photo a day challenge, that I cannot wait to start off this month doing the same. Here is her list for this month and a collage of the ones I took last month. Enjoy and cannot wait to see all of yours for February.

*I cheated on the 6th day posting more then one, couldn't help it ;)


Judith Anna said...

Love this .... and what a beautiful pictures!!

Nicole Terry Merrell said...

I love the cat paw one, very beautiful collage!

Lindsey said...

So pretty! I love these photo challenges.

CatieBeatty said...

Thanks for sharing this!! I love things like treasure hunts. This is like one thru pictures!

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