Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Fatigue

Photo © Leigh Viner 2011

"Indulge in big-time mourning. Take off from work, stay in bed, and do nothing but cry till you're dry—and bored. Then go out and embrace life" ~ Annie Gottlieb

Feeling extra tired, a bit sad for no apparent reason, motivation lacking a bit, even for the stuff that I usually enjoy.. I know it is here.. The Winter Blues!! A bit early too, yikes!! So I told myself this morning, enough is enough!

Each simple task that I do during the day seemingly is more like walking through 5 inches of snow with lead boots, I then have to admit that the winter blues are creeping back into my life like they do each and every year. Time to take action to rid of it before it really gets to me in a serious way.

Here are my ways of beating the winter blues and of course would love to hear yours.

1. Exercise - I tend to take a break and fall out of my habits during the colder months, (really need to figure out staying on track 12 out of 12 months) but until then, this is when I am forcing myself back to the gym and yoga mat. Also the idea that in only a few months the warmer weather will return and with that smaller clothes that I want to feel more confident in.

2. Diet - Ok ok those many holiday treats that keep sneaking into the house.. Goodbye! Back to healthier choices and feeling the wonderful energy that comes with it.

3. Sun. I really need my sun! Today as a matter of fact it was warm and a cloudless sun filled day so honestly all of my deadlines will have to sit for a few why I take a book, or nothing outside and soak in it (with spf 30 ) of course. If it's a little to chilly out for me to bask in I then take a few minutes against the window which is also a saviour.

4. A night out with a glass of wine, gossiping, laughing and not worrying about what needs to get done. I will admit it has been awhile since I have taking the time to get out and am feeling the effects of that for sure. So this week sushi and wine I will be there!

5. Once a day, 1 tiny little thing to look forward to that is all mine, fifteen minute of uninterrupted time reading, watching a movie or just sitting still. Going for a walk with my ipod, soaking in a bath. All of those littile things can easiely be neglected I have to remember not to make them a last priority and then finding no time left in the day to even try.

6. Last but not least, planning holidays, events and fun things for the warmer months ahead, but not to forget to to that for now as well.

So how about you, what helps you beat or pull out of the blues in the winter months?


Kristin H said...

Well, had big time winter blues accompanied with endless colds this winter I am finally on the side of good. A great fresh morning run by the river and laughter and wine is for sure a good combo! Welcome back to the bright side!

jessica // union shore said...

i'm suffering from a case of the winter blues too! For me, I think its mainly do to the crappy weather.... Spring can't come soon enough!

Becca - Rebecca Atwood Designs said...

I've definitely been suffering from the winter blues recently! It's good to hear your ideas on how to beat them. I've been starting to go to yoga again, and am working on eating lots of healthy things too. My other cure is to make sure to find time to be creative! For me that's drawing in my sketchbook, painting, etc.

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