Sunday, June 10, 2012

Postcards from Belgium Day 4

The sun, sweet sun is out finally on day 4 in Brussels, I must admit I am terribly spoiled in Denver with an average of 300 days on average.

Fell in love with this bowl and wooded table in the hotel room that has the same theme going on.

Belgian comic strip, The Adventures of Tintin framed in the hotel bathroom

A constant.

© Leigh Viner 2012


Illustrated Lines said...

Love the striped bowl - very striking.

marni zarr said...

love the photographs, they pull me in. what a dreamy place to be. maybe one day.

Unknown said...

I've loved seeing all the photos from your trip to europe. I love seeing all your photos always (as you probably know by now). x

Missa said...

I love all your facade photos. Incredible. Great editing as well!

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