Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1 Look ~ Erin Fetherston SS/13

© Leigh Viner 2012


All of the new inspiration is flying in from Fashion week, I have a few illustrations I am working that have inspired me and narrowing down just one look from each, starting with Erin Fetherston which I just love! The stand out piece for me has to be these lip pants. I honestly would wear them endlessly, well all of the below pieces I would too actually. Cute, feminine and just effortlessly adorable.


Unknown said...

so cute! love!

marni zarr said...

such great design. i especially love the shift.

Anonymous said...

my all-time favorite designer--she topped herself with this collection. i want every single piece.

||| tara | planned spontaneity |||


Skylar Magazine said...

Love the lip print! Yeah, I think she is definitely one of the best designers. I love that everything is so wearable and functional. Some of those designers tend to go overboard. I may not be able to afford her looks, but you could easily do these looks for less. Great post and awesome blog too! I'm a newbie here. My name is Sarah, my blog is Skylar Magazine. You are welcome to stop by. I'm also looking for guest bloggers and would like to get some fashionistas to contribute. If you are ever interested let me know. Thanks and have a fabulous weekend!



Johanna Urban said...

Hello girly!

Absolutely love this,

Johanna, Sweden

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures! the first jeans look amazing:) xxx

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