Friday, October 26, 2012

Casual Friday

Photobucket Photobucket {Jacket- TopShop, Jeans- Mother Denim, Sweater- Forever 21, Tank- UO, Gloves- Michael Kors, Boots- Gunmetal, Sunglasses- Coach}

Happy Weekend everyone! Today it is casual and comfortable with a full day of getting orders out, then back to finishing up a painting. I also have been dabbling in the use of rice paper and indian ink.. Love it already and will be using that as a common use of creativity for sure, cannot wait to share.

Also Halloween is next week, eeek, I have yet to figure out my costume or decorate the house. Favorite holiday so a must! I will do what I can this weekend and hopefully the costume ideas will fall into place. What are your costumes this year? Inspire me :)


Unknown said...

that looks fab!

xoxo from rome

Johanna Urban said...


Johanna, Sweden/Norway

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