Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walking into Fall

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket From Top Alexander Wang, Kate Spade ASOS

For me there is always an excuse to add new shoes as the season changes. I am one of those that plan my outfit most of the time around what shoes I will be wearing, yes a problem or more like a personality that was engraved into my core with my first pair of Doc Martins in 9th grade. I really feel though that I can splurge more on shoes by keeping most of my wardrobe in the neutral zone and letting my shoes be the trend most of the time.. Cheap stuff in large quantities will cost you more in the long run then a few good quality pieces that if taken care of can last a life time,....maybe, totally depends on how you treat things I guess ;)


Tiffany Kadani said...

So true! I've resigned myself to the fact that my feet need to wear expensive, well made shoes. I wore the same Docs from 5th grade to my sophomore year. Yep!

Unknown said...

your are so right !!!
i love the ones on the first photo !

Lilly said...

Just beautiful. Funnily enough, my 13 year old niece visited me yesterday in a pair of purple doc Martens - they are, let's say a staple for all generations.

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