Friday, January 25, 2013

Silver Lining

 photo LLF1_zps058f40bc.jpg  photo LLF2_zps9b32ab8d.jpg

Sweater- Theory,| Pants- Helmut Lang | Shoes- Alexander Wang

By far a few of my obsessive brands this past year, fit, comfort, edge and quality. Cannot get enough and of course my love for Rachel Zoe, which comes to mind fit and softness and an, "oh yes that is exactly what I have been looking for without knowing".

This week has had me straight up overwhelmed! In a good way, but so thankful for the weekend. Small joys like sleeping in a bit, reading the paper in the sun with coffee, playing the wii with my daughter and getting out of the house. I love my house btw, but I work from it full-time, as blessed as that is, it can be hard to separate the work life from life life. So I am off to loosen up a bit and might pop my head back in here as well a few times, or not, no pressure. :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! xo



Dear Leigh, you look gorgeous like your illustrations : ) When I opened my blogger main page, your post was the first on the timeline, so I took it as a sign to leave a comment : ) This is also a nice coincidence as I made a post with one of your illustrations these days : ) On the right I saw your instagram sharings, that yellow Current is one of my faves and that ( bringing to life your art ) is a lovely coincidence too : ) Have a wonderful weekend : )

Tiffany Kadani said...

You always inspire me. Seriously. And now I'm going to check out Rachel Zoe. I know her, but I don't knowknow her, you know?

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