Monday, March 25, 2013

A Question on Meditation

 photo 2_zpsac3e6e3c.jpg
Bertha Pfirsich

 photo readingandzebSM_zps4d6e6d12.jpg
Margaret Durow

Love these photos as it portrays exactly what I love to do when needing to find time for myself during a busy day. I tend to just lay on my office floor for a few minutes in an almost forced fashion knowing I need to just stop between my many to do's and refocus. It is also a wonderful way for me to listen to where I want to take my creativity for the day. I also am never without reading material, I bounce between rooms reading the NY Times, a magazine and two books, which at the moment are, New York by Edward Rutherfurd and American Lady the biography of The Life of Susan Mary Alsop, both are very engaging and highly recommended.

Ok to my point, I have been telling myself for a good few years now that I would like to get back the 20 minutes a day sit in a quiet room and empty my thoughts meditation that I feel is so important in my head, but obviously not taking the time anymore to do it. I am not saying that I will not add it back ever to my days, but realizing while coming across these photos that I kinda already have been all along, in a different way sure, but with reading and stretching I am finding those deeper breaths and quiet thoughts that come with meditation. As a matter of fact, while painting, cleaning the house, listening to music, watching a movie, a glass of wine with friends, (ok fooling myself on that one), but all and all I am having an aha moment here and want to ask you,

Do you consider meditation to be a learned form to follow or any activity, moments in a day that you enjoy that lower stress and takes your mind off of those racing thoughts?


Dancing Branflake said...

To be honest, I live a very busy but relaxed life. Like, i'm always doing something but I have very little stress. BUT, I do know I need to take more time during the day to reflect because living a life without reflection is not well-rounded. So I definitely have to force myself to do that once in a while. Okay, I should do that everyday.

Leigh Viner said...

So well said about taking the time to reflect. Pausing and listening to your heart and mind, appreciating the here and now. It can be so hard sometimes but I try to remind myself to do everything throughout my day with love, yes even the dishes and it puts me in a good place.

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