Wednesday, January 01, 2014


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Enjoying a few hours of the new year embracing fresh snow flakes, crisp air and solitude and a slight hangover, I am sure I am not completely alone in that aspect. All and all a perfect beginning to the new year.
I hope your are having a wonderful start to 2014 as well. xo

Web Misc:

A few posts from Artifact Uprising's blog that has inspired me with my love for travel and inspiring scribbles on napkins.

Could not resist this basic black shell and scallop skirt from Style Saint
and close to adding this to my beauty routine for my hair.

I have yet to finish my Winter stockpile of books, but have a few more that I would like to add including this collective book of Cecil Beaton The New York Years and the autobiography of Morrissey.

1942 ‘Time Capsule’ apartment discovered in Paris abandoned and untouched for 70 years filled with so many amazing treasures I wish I could just roam through.

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sarahtirona said...

i stumbled upon your blog in a fb group and i love it :) happy new year!

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