Thursday, September 04, 2014

#1look { Band of Outsiders / Spring 2015 }

 photo 1LOOK-LeighViner-BandOfOutsiders-S-2015SMF_zpsd74dfd4f.jpg
© Leigh Viner 2014

Fashion week has officially begun and so has some fresh inspiration.

I am bringing back the #1look series for the latest collections, starting with this dress from Band of Outsiders with a little twist, I will be adding an abstract version along with the fashion illustration that I create. Amazing really the inspiration that can flow from just one dress.

Its not always easy to narrow down to just one look from each designer, especially when I would seriously take every single piece home from some, but the challenge of finding that ultimate standout piece is what is fun and now adding how I can turn something from the runway into an abstract piece is exciting as well in the creative process.

 photo Outsiders_001_zps77a036e8.jpg  photo Outsiders_002_zps49d3cd85.jpg

 photo 1LOOKABSTRACT-LeighViner-BandOfOutsiders-S-2015SM_zps7fbf4b90.jpg

 photo 1LOOKPAbstract-LeighViner-BandOfOutsiders-S-2015SM_zps71bea1b7.jpg

Until the next one. :)


Lesley Myrick said...

Such a neat idea. I love that you're taking fashion (often inspired by art) and turning it back into art. MIND BLOWN. Beautiful work!

agnes said...

You're such an inspiration Leigh :-)

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