Thursday, March 26, 2015

Carry On

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Spring is here, thank you!! A little windy today, but warm regardless. I thought the freezing cold weather would never go away, but shortly after we moved and settled the weather changed as well and now my focus on the near future is those wonderful summer trips that I cannot wait to plan.

First up, a long and overdue girls trip and with planning I have been thinking maybe it's time to replace my go to carry on. This bag seriously has been with me for almost a decade and countless trips around the world. I tried only once to replace it and failed, the bag, expensive and which will remain nameless fell apart after only one trip overseas. So back to my cheaper but so loved Guess flower travel bag that has many benefits for me, like it really does hold a million things, an extra front pocket for go to extras, plus another large zippered inside pocket for many more necessities. I think the only thing missing that I need is a sustainable shoulder strap. Anyway, another benefit, I can keep it under the seat in front of me on the plane which doubles as a squishy foot rest. Best part, I have instant access to a million things that I bring on board to keep me entertained instead of trying to reach into those overhead bins and it just has so much personality.

Bottom line, I really should just learn to pack less, ask anyone that has traveled with me and this bag, they would agree 100% with that statement as they all at one point or another had to help me carry it more often then I should have allowed. Merci et je suis désolé ;)

So, as I have rambled into my own decision that she is not going anywhere, I would still like to try to find a good one with a shoulder strap in a similar style, but if you have any recommendations and favorites definitely let me know.

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{ 1/ Moncler, 2/ Kate Spade, 3/ Sole Society, 4/ Kate Spade }


Dancing Branflake said...

Finding a good travel bag is priceless. I have about twenty. I'm never satisfied. You look gorgeous.

Leigh Viner said...

I better start catching up to you, a good excuse to grab a few ;)

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