Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Postcards From Paris

Getting back outside with exercise and just soaking in the sun throughout the day w/ SPF of course has a new happiness that does not exist in the Winter, feeling it now! Also realizing it's time to stock up on some new warm weather staples. This summer I am going to keep it simple besides a few have to have pieces, as travel is on my mind, especially editing and going through the archives. It has been forever it seems, but other obligations were front and center. I think it's so important, even if stepping out for a short weekend getaway, even a stay-cation will do to stay refreshed and inspired. I work from home, so it's very important for me to step away when I can or seasons will start to overlap and I will wear myself out. So on that note, time to dream up a few ideas for the upcoming months, (in the afternoon sun ) ;)


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