Thursday, May 11, 2017

Blocks of Me Time

Chaos and interruptions, a typical day for many of us. This picture says it well, as I was going to capture myself with my journal looking down, but the second the shutter opened, one of my kittens decided to jump onto my clothing rack, up goes my head which caused the photo to blur.

Getting down to the topic at hand though, I wanted to discuss scheduling me time, whatever those joyous, relaxing, learning or mindless activities that we want to fit into a day, but most the time put off to the last minute or leave no time for at all.

Over the past few years, I would hope that there would be some time left in any given day to get to, for example, studying my French, journaling on a daily basis, meditating consistently, etc, etc. But most of the time, days turn into nights, into weeks, and so forth causing frustration, and questioning why I cannot seem to accomplish a few simple blocks of time for myself each day, light bulb! Blocking out time. Just as I would schedule a phone meeting with my clients.

It's so important to have that balance as they say, but that balance can mean different things for each of us. Regardless, I hope that you can find that as best as you can, even if interruptions happen, schedule in that me time, just as a with a shower, dinner, family time, going out with friends, and so forth. Make time for those passions, those little things. I'm not perfect with it, but have noticed such an improvement in my well being overall when I make it happen.

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