Monday, October 13, 2014

"Dame 2"

 photo Dame2SM_zpsd18e1888.jpg

An older illustration that I came across while organizing my files on my overcrowded desktop. Gave it a little facelift from where I left it a few years ago and now feel it is finally finished, ( again! )

Starting the week with a ton of catch up as last week we lost a dear pet, our cat Oliver unexpectedly. I had to take a few days off and regroup. Though I must admit, staying distracted and busy helps me most which I am doing today, otherwise I am in my head too deeply thinking about how sad it really is. But yes it is important to feel it all when you fell it, otherwise it has a way of forcing its way out on its own.

I will be back shortly with a night #MusicMonday playlist..



Melissa Gaggiano said...

The hair dryer was so hot, it just melted.

agnes said...

Love it Leigh <3 <3 <3

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