Thursday, May 07, 2009

Terry Rodgers

Some more amazing realism, Via upscalehype.
Visit Terry Rodgers official website to see more of his works. (caution graphic images).

**My posts have definitely been out of whack as I am trying to straighten out all that happened last week, but thank you all for the wonderful comments. I am going to catch up this weekend with you all. :)


Kelly said...

Yay for finishing commissions! I feel like that's all i've done this year, aside from a few sneaky drawings that I did while I should have been doing other things!

SUCH a great feeling to have finished the last job for a while! But i'm sure it won't last very long. Once my show's over i'll be back into it!

It's actually funny to have to come up with my own ideas again! So used to being told what to draw!

Can't wait to see your newbies too x

Giovanna said...

Hi! Your blog is very inspiring!! Love it! Come and visit my blog, you have an award waiting for you :)

herecomesthesun said...

Ohh i like. I love your blog. So much inspiration on here!

Char said...

wow - that is candycoated realism

Seeker said...

Something happened so I can't see the picture... but you got me curious, so I'll check the link.

Hope you're feeling good dear after all.


Emz said...

The picture won't work anymore =(

Unknown said...

Fixed the photo, sorry about that, photobucket does not like any implied photos being uploaded.

Move said...

love his works!!

E.K. said...

I like this painting, very cool.

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