Sunday, April 04, 2010


"When I was a girl, they told me to be practical, and I was a dreamer. There was no misgiving, the flames of crescent dreams always coming higher, licking at the bedroom windows, kindling in my soul, a smoldering fire. And down, down burned the house of doubt, the place of skepticism, realism, lost to the fire.

Faith replaces fear, the way spring replaces winter, and winter, fall. The eye cannot see, what credence promises.

Dreamers dream, and we see, not black and white, but vivacious, living colors. We see potential, promise. We are secret keepers of hope, gingerly settling a forgotten faith in the slip between the heart and the faint of our breastbone.

We are skies without end, wild horses without reins. We are your sister, your brother, your neighbor. We are the bumbling man in the corner store, the forsaken beggar in the street, we are the woman on the mosque steps, her figure formless beneath her hijab. We are in regions of terror, in sprawling forests, in city brownstones, in unbroken fields, where grass stands above summer skinned knees. We are shapeshifters. We are here, and we are there.

We walk through the fire, the arson of unbelievers, scorching skin, but never our souls, and with dreams that are kindred to the wings of a phoenix bird, we rise out of ashes. We propel the human race forward.

And we go on, because the future is ours, and we are not afraid. We go on, because we believe in a better day.

When I was a girl, they told me to be practical...
I chose to be a dreamer. "

Photo and poem via - Girl Meets NYC


Kristin H said...

me too...and I got to experience soooo much!

Tiffany Kadani said...

This is absolutely beautiful and what I needed to hear right now.

Anonymous said...

I love this photograph and the message with it...

Robyn said...

I love this. Thank you for posting it! I spend so much of my thinking time these days reminding myself to accept others the way they are that I sometimes leave little room to celebrate and accept who I am... this poem does just that. :) We dreamers have to remember that there's nothing wrong with being dreamers... there's magic and beauty in our way of seeing the world!


Anonymous said...

i love the poem. it's beautiful! thanks for sharing.
i'll keep being a dreamer.

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