Sunday, July 18, 2010

Into Thin Air

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I had a great extra long weekend, taking time off was exactly what I needed. I went high up into the rocky mountains and enjoyed just playing my days by ear, complete relaxation..

.....This has nothing to do with the weekend, but thought I would share this adorable outfit that Zina is wearing over from her blog, Fashionvibe. I love how she tucked in a Zara dress and made it into a shirt, she just inspired many new outfits from my closet.

Cannot wait to catch up with all of you this week. xo


Unknown said...

love the 3rd photo...i need vacations!!!

Fashionistable said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the one of you and your daughter. They light is lovely. It has been year since I have been in Colorado. It is beautiful. Good for the soul. Glad you had a lovely time. Xxxx

Kristin H said...

What a gorgeous place Leigh. The pictures are wonderful! Love it:)

Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

What beautiful photos! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Just what the doctor ordered. Can't wait to go on my own vacation. I haven't traveled in a long time and I'm getting itchy to go again.

Have a wonderful week and I can't wait to see your new posts.

Mark Nava said...

Lovely pics Viner ;) I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend - it feels good to recharge the batteries.


Liv said...

Aaaahhh... that looks sooo relaxing! It's so gloomy and rainy here. :-(

holly in heels said...

Preeeetty pretty pictures! Glad you had a great weekend--so did I! Such is summer :)

A Flourishing Perspective said...

what a lovely little post! i love, love, love the third picture.

sounds like a wonderful and relaxing weekend...i hope you have a great week!! :)

love your blog, following, and hope you will stop by mine!


black vanilla rose said...

Great snap shots! I'm loving the tucked in look, may need to borrow that when summer appears again here xxx

kendal croix. said...

love that outfit.

K A T H L E E N said...

the top is super cute and the illustrations on her are so gorg!

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