Saturday, January 08, 2011

Rainy mood

Hope you are all having a great weekend! I am going to try my best to catch any extra sleep not to mention take my time doing everything this Sunday. When you have a 7 year old it is a rare thing and a definite luxury. It would be an even better luxury though if I was in Paris, but since that is not happening at the moment I will dream through my photo archives ;)
I pulled out some of my photos from my trip there awhile back and found this one of a rainy view and thought it would work well in my etsy shop.. Also the photo below I felt fit perfect for the Sunday mood I am picturing. Have a great relaxing Sunday yourselves. xo

Bottom photo via Caroline Daily


Anonymous said...

fits the mood perfect over here...rainy as well! lovely! great weekend! xoxo

Unknown said...

Great photo! My Sunday was fairly boring haha Moved back into my apartment after being home for the holidays :)

Hope you've had a lovely weekend! said...

It just won't stop raining here! Lovely photo. Happy New Year to you.

Tiffany Kadani said...

That is a stunning photo. It's almost sad, and I like that.

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog!! and your photography!!

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