Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Prada's Palazzo"

© Leigh Viner 2011

I came across a few things Italian this past week so felt inspired to create from it. First was this painting that I really loved working on which was inspired from Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli. They purchased this 18th century Palazzo that will hold their extensive and amazing art collection for the Prada Foundation, you can read about it more over at Vanity Fair.. So amazing and thought I would give my touch and style to it and add to my City series of paintings. Which you can grab here

Also I came across this photo below from browsing Bryan Boy's blog and instantly thought of my Mom, as she love's (who doesn't) Italy and her nickname is Gilly. And I related to Bryan on his post on taking time for himself especially with all that he has going on, but my Mom and I are so alike in that sense of how we also need to have our alone times. I savor it! And now that I know that restaurant exsits, it is a perfect excuse to take a Mother/Daughter trip to Venice... Si!!

Here is some more Italian treats to continue the mood and hope your having a wonderful weekend! xo
Umberto Tozzi - Ti Amo

La Dolce Vita


Tiffany Kadani said...

Leigh! This is so incredibly gorgeous! The colors and the mood and the composition is perfect. I think you deserve a trip to Italy.

style ceviche said...

Ohhh Venice <3 This posts reminds me of my summer last year :) i love it!!

Rachel {little bits of lovely} said...

Wow Leigh, this is utterly incredible! Love your inspiration for this piece, it is just gorgeous xo

Tomma said...

Love your painting of the palazzo!!!!

Unknown said...

Unsurprisingly divine!!!

Unknown said...

so love it!!

Dea Rose said...

Ah Leigh!!! You are here, in Italy?
Gilli, It's the most well-known pastry shop of Florence, and is my favorite! Good stay in Italy! :)
Beautiful pics and painting!

Dea Rose

Andrea Reh said...

I love this painting - it so perfectly evokes the beauty and colour of Venice.

Andrea x

Veronika said...

I absolutely love this painting, the light, the burst of colour, absolutely gorgeous.

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