Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Mornings and What Makes For Good Leftovers

School is back in session for my daughter so getting up earlier than I have been for a few months (Those summer months I am spoiled with sleeping in ;) ) but have to admit enjoying getting back into the hustle and bustle that mornings bring. But honestly we shall see how long it lasts, as it's still warm out after all.

I also wanted to share with you a recipe from last night, (says it is super easy and quick) well maybe it is, but because it is a new recipe for me the 20 min it says it takes to prepare was more like 60 for us (probably just me) but any which way it was good and definitely will be my lunch today too. I got the recipe out of this book (Super amazing and recommend getting ), but you can cook a similar recipe from All Recipes online as well.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, I am off to find calamine lotion because I seem to be a tasty treat for the mosquitoes as of late, I seriously have lost count how many bites I have received eww!

Tank-Sparkle and Fade, Cardigan-Nie+Zow, Skirt-Richard Chai, Shoes-Steven, Ring-Aldo, Sunglasses-Target


avant garde design said...

love that skirt! (well, really i love the whole outfit) ;) oh and that recipe looks delish, i'm bookmarking that one. thanks for sharing...

Jackie Welling said...

I have about 6 risotto recipes to try (great, now 7!) thanks for the idea, it looks SO yummy!


Tiffany Kadani said...

Goodness you are so gorgeous!

I love All Recipes- with all the reviews and tips. I so wish Mr. Branflake liked mushrooms. Sigh.

Santi said...

beautiful photos, you are gorgeous :)


Tamra {ever swoon} said...

Love that top!! Nice images. Risotto, delish! Goes well with everything.

Unknown said...

Oh school, I still have a few more weeks before I'm back to the routine. I plan on using up every last minute until then haha

Love that cookbook! My mom got it for me a little while ago and we've had fun trying out a couple of the dishes.

Hope your having a lovely week! xo

'moringHoney said...

it's so glamours!!

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