Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nature's Trail's and Portion Control.

Starting the day I was reading this hilarious and well written article, N.Y. Skinny vs Paris Skinny over at Garance Dore's blog about the difference's in how New York girls and Paris Girls lunch and her adapting with moving to Manhattan from Paris. I definitely recommend hopping over to check it out. I am continually bitching about how the portion sizes here in the US are so ridiculous but find myself so often doing the same thing, eating more then I should!! I too like Garance will dive straight in for the bread at the table, I am not afraid of grabbing that roll, I love my bread! But as they say life is all about moderation, I just need to learn to leave a few crumbs behind ;)

Have a wonderful Hump day! xo

Dress-Laundry by Shelli Segal, Shoes-Lamb, Bracelet, Ring-Banana Republic, Sunglasses-Target


avant garde design said...

so funny you say that, i too am a bread~aholic! i'm petite but i have been feeling a bit doughy, considering a week of juicing it. the problem is my boyfriend is an amazing cook, tons of italian dishes. so, there in lies the problem ;) i'm off to check out that post you wrote about...

Tiffany Kadani said...

It's so true! Portions here are crazy! And when I was in Europe I found myself completely full with smaller portions. Gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

her blog is great, thanks for introducing!
xo emily

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

I am a carb-aholic lovely! Bread, pasta, any Italian food yum yum! Loved this post, going to click on and read that post now.

Eda x

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