Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Photo- sfgirlbybay, Bath- Laura Mercier, U.O. Candle, Book, Aveda Mask

Sigur Ros - Sæglópur

I would love to getaway, but since that is not always an option, my favorite thing to do to refresh between deadlines is just as above, A long warm bath with a good book, some fabulous products and Sigur Ros of course.
Have a relaxing weekend as well everyone. xo


Unknown said...

Mmmm...sounds like a lovely weekend! Wish mine was as relaxing1 I have to head back to school this weekend as classes start Monday, boo! xo

L.A. in the bay said...

wow, that bathtub, with that mini desk overhand, would be the best thing ever. Coffee and a book while soaking in the tub. Amazing.

Alexandra said...

Hey dear,

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Thank you in forward,

marni zarr said...

looks and sounds relaxing! enjoy!

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