Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aurora Tower's St John Home

Photos Champagne and Heels

Browsing the July issue of Elle I came across an Elle Living feature with a client of mine, Aurora Tower. She is such a sweet genuine person and was so wonderful to work with. Here is just 1 of the commissions I did of her below.

© Leigh Viner

She bought and refurbished the home on St. John Island in 2005 and built it to be as green as possible, buying locally and using earth friendly suppliers and materials. She is currently living in NYC and using the home a few times a year, but here is the fantastic part, you can rent out this beauty for a vacation yourself. (thinking of that myself) on Jetsetter. You can learn more about Aurora on her website here. Congrats Aurora!

Photos via Green Wood Rendering


Anonymous said...

She has no rugs in her home, how funny! What a lovely place.

Unknown said...

looove these photos sooo much !! you look great !

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