Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Lets Face It

Wearing a gifted shirt that I will obsessively wear from aldomartins, thank you ladies!! Just in love with the detail and quality. Shoes - Steven, Skirt - Silence and Noise, Sunglasses - Coach.

Inspired today by David Bowie and his many faces that photographer Masayoshi Sukita shot in 1977. The final one chosen became the infamous image that was for his "Heros" album cover.

In other news, I cannot believe summer is almost over ( back to school ) in 12 days for my Braelynn, WHAT! Flew by for sure, and causing face #3. I had so many plans to do a million fun things, and only have reached a few of them, I suppose that is the norm but with the hottest summer on record here, we stayed in most days. I will say though, because of this heat, I have become the earliest of early birds and LOVE it! A former night owl I can officially say. (Until winter rolls in ) ;)


Tiffany Kadani said...

You are just so gorgeous. When I go out at night, I think 'Would Leigh wear this?' If so, then I throw it on and don't look back. Love your style.

Anonymous said...

Night owls rule! LOL

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