Saturday, October 06, 2012

Wall Space


Photobucket © Leigh Viner 2012

As I finish up the decor of furniture, shelving and other items that hopefully keep me organized in my home office, I also wanted to change up the walls. I decided to create something just for the space above my desk. The first one a bit of an abstract and the second photo is of an empty desk that I took at a friends studio in Paris this past spring. I cannot always promise a clean desk in front of me, but I loved the way this photo represents the promise that I can strive to get to all of those tasks accomplished each day. Also the way the chair was positioned, the light and the way it is just drew me in that day made for a wondrous photograph I was happy to get. Definitely will share when they arrive to my wall.

You can get these prints as well in my Etsy Shop.

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