Thursday, October 04, 2012

La La Lipsticks

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8 years old, locking myself in the bathroom with my Mom's makeup and trying to emulate the beauty pages of what was inside her magazines. The beginnings of my fascination with makeup and well Vogue, Bazaar, Elle really, you get the idea.

Fast forward to when I was 16 spending most of my hard earned money browsing the makeup aisle and buying every color of lipstick I could possibly afford that week. You would think I was stockpiling for some unknown makeup crisis. Honestly it was always the lipsticks over anything else.

Then came my chance to make a living doing just that into my 20's when I worked as a Makeup Artist and Esthetician, oh yes I can now collect makeup, skin care products and millions of tubes of lipstick and they are all tax deductable, hello, felt like I hit the jackpot.

I absolutely loved and enjoyed being a Makeup Artist, and did so for almost 8 years part time but something was still missing, all of that obsession with color and makeup was a stepping stone for my career as a illustrator and artist. I think back now and realize that must have been what I was really looking for when browsing those aisles over and over again as a young girl. I really am grateful for that stage in my life working as a freelance Makeup Artist as not only did I meet some amazing friends, but it helped shape how I work with the face now as an artist on paper.

Here and now though I still have quite the collection of lipsticks to choose from, do not get me wrong, I carry at least 5 at all times in my bag. I also still go crazy at the makeup counters wanting to continue that collective process, but I remind myself now to only grab the shades that work best for me and what I will wear on a continual basis. The rest of my collection from my past career are play colors for my 9 year old daughter, which just yesterday I watched her getting ready for school, pulling out her hello kitty makeup that I got her last Christmas and smiled watching her put on light eyeshadow and colored lip gloss for the day proudly.

What about you, what are some of your earliest memories with makeup as a young girl?


Oh to Be a Muse said...

This was a wonderful story to read about how you become into makeup and lipstick, and it sounds like your daughter might follow in your footsteps. You could probably help me out in this area--lipstick kinda scares me, lol.

Tiffany Kadani said...

I love this post so much for so many reasons.
Oh, Clinique green tubes, you turned me from little girl to make up a holic.

anto said...

It's really inspiring reading through your story and how you came to this point. I love lipstick as well, especially bright colors and I think that usually shows in my illustrations as well.

CatieBeatty said...

In high school I had a journal where I collected "swatches" of every make up product I ever bought. I would write the names and brands and I tried to keep it in color order, but that proved hard. Make was definitely something to collect, and I think I'm similar to you in that it was a sign of my interest in colors and textures :)

Great post!

Fleur d'Elise

Lilly said...

I don't recall ever using my mother's makeup but when I was 13 she bought me a purple (yes green eyes, lol)Rimmel eye shadow set and I was in heaven. Oh the fun I had with that.

I have loved makeup since and always wanted to work with it or become a hairdresser. My mother was an academic and told me it would be a terrible profession (true). I then went on to get a Social Sceince degree and an MBA and was bored out of my mind. I finally went to school at 22 with a small child on my hip and got a Film and Television Makeup degree and worked in that field for years. I love makeup. Fullstop. And I have loads of it to this day. Strangely enough though I have never worn eye shadow (and that is really odd when you think about it). Now my daughter of course is grown up and loves makeup too - she used to help me do large fashions shows when she was a teenager so she could easily be a makeup artist herself. Instead she chose the more traditional route of law instead. It goes full circle sometimes.

PS While I am on the subject I would love to know your views about makeup bases/foundations. Not sure the correct term in the US. What brands do you prefer as always looking for something better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this great story! I have similar memories myself.. I played with my mom's make up all the time when I was younger and now i'm 24 years old and working as a freelance make up artist. 3 years and counting... :)


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