Tuesday, October 02, 2012


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Wearing~ Jeans- Earnest Sewn, Shirt- Elizabeth and James, Shoes- Theory, Sunglasses- Coach

Ok that was difficult being away, I have missed posting on my blog, but the time has come for some much needed change around my home. I was organizing and redecorating a few rooms this past few weeks, (living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and still in the process, (It never ends does it? ) Also life in general was starting to become a bit chaotic and busy, but in such a good way, but still overwhelming. I needed to step back from a few things, reflect and find a better system to continue my love for all the things that I do love to do, that as well is a process and never really ends.. "Change is the only constant" I have to remind myself of that continually. But I am ready , refreshed and with all this talk about change, naturally it will reflect here as well in the coming months. But for now lets just be in the moment, and today the moment is Flare.. Last few years I have been more in the habit of wearing my beloved skinny's, as much as I love and adore and will still obsessively wear, my wide and flare jeans were being ignored a bit. Time with fall to mix it up as I have here today. I collect jeans as I do shoes actually, glad to have as many options as possible I guess ;) Here are some more of my favorite's this year from left, Photobucket J Brand Love Story Jeans. MiH Jeans. Citizens of Humanity Hutton mid rise Flare Jeans.

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Tiffany Kadani said...

I love that you celebrated 'going back' to blogging with going back to your flares. A perfect way to connect parts of your life together. And you're hot. End of story.

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