Friday, January 11, 2013

Lillie Magazine


A snowy, freezing cold football weekend ahead (btw I am not really the football fanatic but my Denver Broncos are having an amazing season and it is down the wire with the playoffs, so an excuse to have fun and actually watch the game instead of listening to the guys scream and cheer from the other room). Is that what they call a bandwagon fan? Well then, yes that is me ;) By the way from yesterday, I thankfully am feeling much better. whew.. and knock on wood.

I also have a new magazine, Lillie to browse and fall in love with for the weekend, this is just the teaser issue, the first full issue is set to be released around the corner this Spring. Here is a wonderful video as well below which I hope you will find just as inspiring. The magazine is brought to you by the Editor-in-Chief, Letitia Elizabeth who I also consider a friend and equally inspiring. She has been a great supporter of my art over the years and am grateful to know such a driving force. Enjoy and hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead xo

"Lillie Magazine is a new quarterly magazine that aims to influence the conversations and style choices of conscious modern women by celebrating the charm, authenticity and beauty of a meaningful life and ignite a desire for stylish green living. We cover what’s important to you, from fashion and philanthropy, to home cooked meals and a well dressed home, eco-style starts here. To showcase sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, slow food, and green design in a beautifully modern way, minus the redundant overuse of eco terminology or greenwashing. To uphold a standard while never sacrificing style or life’s little pleasures."

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Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Cool..looking forward to checking it out :))

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