Friday, April 12, 2013

Money On My Mind

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The only thing that seems to be consuming my mind this past few weeks is money, money, money with the deadline of taxes due on Monday and time crunching not only my #'s for Uncle Sam but finding out where my money is actually going on a day to day was a bit of a shock especially when you think you are all pro and doing a fabulous job, ha. I am pretty good with not being frivolous but the little things can add up.. Change is under way and to help me get started here are a couple ideas that I will personally be using to keep my dollars on budget and assist with my future goals.

Learnvest, A money management site that graphs and is customizable to your specific goals. They also have an app for my phone to keep up with my insane day to day schedule.

Cash Envelopes via Today's Nest. I actually rarely have cash on hand, and if I do, I seem to be a bit more careful and recognize the value more then the swiping ease of the Debit card. It also seems time consuming to get started, but again worth the effort as I am more likely to cut out the spontaneous spending.

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Via Em For Marvelous

Last but not least, save, save and save some more.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend everyone! After Monday has passed I can again focus on the creative side of my business ;)

1 comment: Maegan said...

an absolute YES to cash envelopes! That's one of our tactics as well and it works. In fact, we had saved cash to buy a new fridge while we were renting over the years and kept the envelope of cash in the actual freezer so we wouldn't touch it, lol. It totally works! And the older I get, the more I realize that I'd rather have a bank saving's full of money rather than a closet full of stuff I don't wear.

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